Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Firetail Creations - Gourmet Truffles and Chocolates

Firetail Creations

 This week I get to share with you all a lovely and super delicious business!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it :P 

'Firetail Creations - Gourmet Truffles and Chocolates is run by the wonderful Jamie who first started making truffles and chocolates years ago for her family and friends (lucky buggers - hehe) but after taking them into her workplace and being told how delicious they were and that she should sell them, Jamie decided that it was time to take her talent and create Firetail Creations. Thank goodness for that! 

The name Firetail Creations comes from Diamond Firetail Finches which Jamie used to love watching when she was younger.

We were lucky enough at Once Upon A Market to have Firetail Creations join us at our September market and everybody absolutely loved Jamies Gourmet truffles and chocolates.

 The most popular flavours at Firetail Creations are:

Milk Chocolate Rocky Road
Dark Chocolate Cherry Ripe
Honey Almond Nougat
and Turkish Delight Hearts

My favourite truffle flavour would have to be the Bailey's Irish Cream!! YUM!! 
But that is only a small sample of the wonderful goodies you will find at Firetail Creations. Jamie has an extensive flavour list available on her Facebook page and she is always willing to trial new flavours at her customer's request! YAY! 


Jamie has always been a lover of chocolate but as she has gotten older her tastes have changed and she now prefers to enjoy small amounts of the finest quality. This inspires her to use only the finest ingredients including delicious Belgian chocolates and the freshest produce. Which is certainly why they taste SO good!!

 We asked Jamie what she loves the most about local markets like Once Upon A Market and here is what she had to say: 

"Other than the fact that I LOVE getting out of bed early on a Sunday morning to go to work, Markets provide an opportunity for me to see people enjoying my hard work and praising what I can do. If I couldn’t see the look on someone’s face when they bite into one of my tasty treats I think I would be more nervous about getting my products out there."

Firetail Creations currently stocks Truffles in a cafe in North Adelaide and Jamie has attended a bridal fair in order to get her name out to the public. Her chocolates are the perfect addition to any desert table and can be boxed or bagged individually to use as favours or bonbonnieres. 

 You will also find Jamie and Firetail Creations at our next market on Sunday October 7th from 10am - 2pm at the Reynella Neighbourhood Centre, 164-170 Old South Rd, Old Reynella. 
So make sure you come and say hello and try some of these delicious gourmet truffles and chocolates for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed :D 

If you would like to find out more about Firetail Creations you can check out her Facebook Page at:

Or if you would like to place an order or ask any questions you can also contact Jamie via:
Phone: 0407801805

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lauren's Lovely Giftables!

This week our feature blog is another amazing business from Adelaide,
Lauren's Lovely Giftables! 

We had the wonderful pleasure of having Lauren's Lovely Giftables join us as a stall-holder at our September 2nd market and we got to see her wonderful creations firsthand :) 

Lauren is the owner of Lauren's Lovely Giftables, and she is 25 years old and newly married. Lauren and her husband currently live in Murray Bridge and are looking forward to settle down in a home they can call their own, preferably in the countryside with beautiful surroundings. 

 Lauren's Lovely Giftables is a new venture for Lauren, she has always dreamed of having her own business and doing something that she loves for a living. For now Lauren has a full time job as well but she is hoping that in the future she will be able to open up a shop and be fully independent. 

Lauren's Lovely Giftables all started after Lauren began creating baby bouquets for her friends who were having babies and she found that they were not only practiacl but very much appreciated by those who received them. One day Lauren was approached by a lady who asked if Lauren could make any other baby gifts. This inspired Lauren to start aking other items such as Nappy Cakes and gift boxes, it was really addictive for Lauren and every weekend Lauren would put together even more items and come up with new and practical ideas for new parents. And we are certainly glad that Lauren continued her venture and created Lauren's Lovely Giftables. 

At Lauren's Lovely Giftables you will find Nappy Cakes, Baby Bouquets, Baby Gift Boxes, Funky button decorated photo frames, Facewasher pops, Soft toys, Cup and Saucer sets, pamper gift sets, Mug and chocolate gifts and more. 

You won't just find gifts for babies though. You can also find some gifts for adults too, and if you find Lauren at some of the country markets you may even see some of her small range of baked goods :)  

Lauren loves to see the joy on peoples faces when her gifts are given and this inspires her to look around for unique and beautiful items that she knows the person receiving will love and appreciate. Making a gift from Lauren's Lovely Giftables even more special.
When we asked Lauren what she loves to buy from markets she replied:

I love to buy unique items at Markets. I love all the quilted items, I appreciate how much work goes into the making of them. I also love buying anything crafty!"

And we appreciate all your work and gorgeous items too Lauren :) 

If you are interested in finding out more about Lauren's Lovely Giftables or you would like to place an order you can contact Lauren via: 

Phone: 0431 935 677