Monday, 27 February 2012

3 Angel Crafts

 On the 7th April we had a lovely stall join us at our first market!. A stall that was one of our brightest and projected a great sense of fun! This stall was the lovely, 3 Angel Crafts! 

The woman behind the stall was mother of 3, Beverly Baybrook. And she certainly fits in with her stalls bright and fun image!! Beverly works long hours in her day job and wants to expand her handmade  business so that she can spend more quality time with her children. Like all of us mothers she just wants to be home at the end of the school day and be able to provide her kids with the best opportunities in life. 

7 years ago Beverly started a handmade business called 'Angels and More' where she created items and went to local markets. But eventually she stopped and continued on with life and work. Then in 2011 Beverly decided to continue on with her business again deciding to put more time and effort into being a successful work at home mum. Beverly reinvented her business giving it the new name '3 Angel Crafts', a name she chose to represent her 3 children. Her logo also incorporates her 3 kids with 3 angels, 2 boys and 1 girl! 
Beverly loves craft and you can certainly see that in her work. Her items are cute and fun and always brings a smile to her customers. Which is one of the reasons Beverly loves her work so much, she gets to see the enjoyment in people when they buy an item. 

Beverly loves coming up with new ideas and items and is looking at expanding her business soon with some other items that are not handmade by her but still great items that she knows kids will love.   

Another thing Beverly loves about her home business is the markets that she gets to attend. 

 Beverly loves meeting new people at the markets. She gets to meet Stall-holders, customers and she loves to watch the stall-holders succeed. When she attends the markets Beverly is able to bring along her gorgeous 11 year old daughter (who I can personally say is a bundle of fun just like her mum) who helps her mum on the day including emptying her wallet buying lots of cupcakes......This is what we all love about the market scene. We can all work hard and have our children next to us bonding with them and also teaching them business skills and social skills all at the same time.

Beverly also loves getting to know the Market Co-Ordinators (yep I loved putting this part in hehe). She loves the effort they go to to promote small home businesses like herself.

It is my pleasure to announce that Beverly will be bringing '3 Angel Crafts' to 'Once Upon A Market' again on the 7th April 2012.

If you would like to see more of 3 Angel Crafts you can visit Beverly's facebook page:

Or to make an order or contact Beverly you can email her:

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The excitement begins again!

 Well the last week has been a very exciting one!! as the next Once Upon A Market starts to begin!! I received our newly designed flyers on my doorstep a few days ago and they are ready to be distributed by myself and a very helpful mother :D

We will be heading out to LittleHampton and Mount Barker to start distributing our bright flyers to local shops, schools, child care centres and much more!!

I have a box full of posters in my car to start putting up! and banners are ready to go (once I get some more council approvals). I have had lots of lovely helpers along the way who have been happy to help distribute flyers and spread the word! Which I am ever so grateful for :) We all have to work together to get this market to its fullest potential!

Another exciting event that happened this week was the announcement of the first batch of my lovely Stall-holders!! Which means this approval stamp is now working its way through businesses on facebook :D how exciting!!!!

I am loving seeing orange being stamped everywhere and being shared!! 

We have lots of new stall-holders and some from last time which I am so happy about! and the variety of stalls is what is really getting me excited, there is definitely something for everyone. And the talent of these stall-holders is amazing :D 

Our next market will be Easter themed (as it falls on the Easter weekend) which means extra fun and lots of chocolate!!! 

We will be having FREE Easter Eggs for the children and FREE Easter crafts!! And once again I will be having a themed display table in our main entrance which will showcase some of our stall-holders easter gifts, giving our customer an example of what can be bought inside the hall!! 

Every day I am just getting more and more excited! 

Still lots of work to be done and organising to finish but I just can't wait for the big day to arrive! 

I hope you are all as excited as me :D So don't forget to spread the word and lets make this gorgeous community market into a market that people will talk about for years!!!! 

Liane xx 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wrapped In Health - It Works

Wrapped In Health joined us for a day of fun at the first Once Upon A Market and boy did they have some fantastic products to share with us!! 

Alli Parker-Mcphee is the woman behind Wrapped In Health. Alli is the mother of a gorgeous 3 and a half year old little girl and loves helping people to look and feel good which comes in handy with her other careers as Registered Nurse and Beauty Therapist! WOW! now here we have one talented lady!! 

And not only does Alli enjoy all things beauty related including hair make-up and clothes but her other hobbies include horses, gardening and reading!! 

But hard-working Alli found yet another way to assist people and help them feel and look good.

Through her friend Emma, of Herbal Wraps Adelaide, Alli was introduced to the amazing 'It Works' products. After using them herself to see how they worked Alli was so impressed with them and the business opportunities involved that she decided to join the team and share the products with others.

Alli signed up in December 2011 and has been so impressed with the changes that the products have made to herself and her customers in such a few short months. Now she is so excited to continue her business and share her knowledge and products with all of you!

 Now you know a bit about the woman behind Wrapped In Health, lets have a look at what the products actually are:

Wrapped in Health is a business aimed at improving health and well-being from the inside out.
With the use of Ultimate Body Applicators, Defining Gel, Supplements (including a brand new product -  ProFIT meal replacement) or Skin Care range (individualized as per clients needs) Alli helps clients to look and feel their best, gaining them confidence, and helping them lose cm's too! 
The Ultimate Body Applicators work to detoxify, tighten and tone any area of the body, and most will see results in just 45 mins! Real People, Real Results.

Alli offers all the products through Private Consultations via email, phone or in person. But that's not all!!
 Alli also offers her range of products through Wrap and Lose Parties, Facebook, and at Markets and Expos. So no matter what your situation or time commitments Wrapped in Health can be brought to YOU!!
All Wrapped In Health products are exclusive, botanically based products not available in retail stores. 
Alli also has great Loyal Customer discounts (up to 40 - 50% off) and Hostess Rewards for Wrap and Lose Parties as well as referrals. 
There are also great opportunities for you to join Alli's team too!!! Being part of the team means you can help spread the word about the great products while:

~ Earning great money from home
~ Having flexible working hours
~ and Getting lots of support along the way! 

Now like all of us who love markets Alli is also a fan of handmade items! I asked Alli to let me in on her favourite handmade items to buy!! and her answers were fantastic with:

1. anything edible and sweet - ie cupcakes, choccy's, biccies
2. jewellery
3. greeting cards
4. padded coathangers
and 5. hand painted pots for the garden
I think a lot of us would be able to agree with these answers.......especially anything edible and sweet! hehe :D 

 If you would like to get try these products for yourself or become part of Alli's team you can contact Alli via email or check out her website and facebook page!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

All For One and One For All!

Being a stall-holder as well as a recent Market Co-ordinator I have come to the conclusion that markets need to be about being part of a team! and that is exactly what I want Once Upon A Market to become....

I have been to MANY markets since starting up my handmade gift business and it has become apparent in my eyes that the best markets are not the fanciest or the biggest but the ones that are full of community spirit and friendship!


Isn't that what this is all about??
My market is for the handmade community and work at home people to gather together for a day of sharing what they are so talented at! the beautiful and clever creations of so many wonderful people all in one place to laugh and have fun! 
Of course at the end of the day we are all business people and we all want to sell our wares and get ahead! which is why I work all day to get those flyers out to the public and to advertise as much as I can! But as a team we must all work together to create the best market we can think of. 

It was never my intention to have a big show off market but to have the market that people love! A market for everybody from 0 - over 100's :D Something that everybody can come out and enjoy, socialise and buy brilliant handmade goodies! 

I hope that through hard work and smiles we can all work together to have a wonderful community market that will go on for years to come! So far so good :D with our first market being a beautiful community event! now we need to share that spirit and make our community even bigger and more fun!! 

I am SO looking forward to our next market and I hope you are all looking forward to it too.

Liane xx

Monday, 6 February 2012

The First of Many......February 4th 2012

It was 5am on February 4th, 

The alarm was emitting its usual annoying sound of church bells (one day I will get around to changing that) and our normally cute kitty was emitting an annoying cry at my head. It seemed like a normal typical morning except that it seemed too early for my alarm to go off that early. Which made me think, why am I up this early? 

and then it hit:


All of a sudden things got busy as we rushed around the house getting coffees, ironing shirts, packing bits and pieces and loading the car for the drive to the beautiful Littlehampton! 

We swung by my mother's house to pick up some very grumpy helpers (due to being woken so early) and then off we went!! Once we arrived at the Littlehampton Peace Memorial Hall I put my fiance Ross to work straight away getting the sausage sizzle up and running while us girls got organising inside.

 Annie Woodman from Beachside Event Planning & Supplies organised this gorgeous Valentines display table which showcased her gorgeous table settings and also allowed showcasing of some lovely valentines gifts available from stall-holders.

And I will be asking her ever so nicely if she can come back to our next one to set up an Easter table! fingers crossed :)
Beautiful selection of handmade purses by Yellowbird

 By 8am all of our stallholders started arriving and I was able to finally meet all of them face to face! And what an absolutely amazing and talented bunch of stall-holders they were.

There were smiles all around and people were setting up and chatting away to each other!

The gorgeous Suzi from Kooki Moon 
Once everybody was set-up it was time to grab a coffee and then we started to have our first customers! and the excitement began. Laughter could be heard all through the day and smiles were seen everywhere! 

Customers came over to say how pleased they were to see a craft market in their gorgeous town and by lunchtime I was able to take a few minutes to come and see each stall-holder and find out how their day was going and get some feedback :D 

I opened the kitchen for some much needed refreshments including sandwiches, cold drinks and snacks! and will certainly be doing that again in the future! 

Overall I think the market was a fun day for all with smiles all around despite my bad 80's music haha! 
And I hope everybody else had a lovely day.

Now it is time for me to get busy preparing for the next market day on the 7th April 2012.
which means lots of phone calls to the council to get approval for more signage and a bouncy castle!! and lots and lots of flyers and other signage to order! 

So if you missed our first market I highly recommend that you come along to our second so you don't miss out on a fun-filled day out! 

I would like to thank ALL who participated in the market day and made it that extra bit special. If wasn't for all of the stall-holders, helpers and my lovely friend Annie this market wouldn't have been a success and the day wouldn't have been as fun and exciting. 


Liane xx 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rachel Marie Photography & Design

Rachel Marie Photography & Design were one of Once Upon A Markets many first stall-holders on the 4th February 2012! today I am going to share this lovely business with you all. 

Rachel Werlick is a 22 year old stay at home mum to a gorgeous little boy, 17 month old Ryan and resides in Redwood Park happily with her son and partner Dave. 
For the last 6 years Rachel has been busy doing Graphic Design. Rachel completed her apprenticeship as a Graphic Designer in 2010 at Para Print where she still works today doing pre press and design work every Friday in the art room. 

Shortly after Rachel's son Ryan was born, Rachel decided to work from home and start her own business in Photography. 

 Rachel specialises in:

~ Families
~ Couples
~ Children and Babies
~ Maternity and Newborns
~ Weddings
and much more!

 Rachel really enjoys being able to meet new people and to capture all their special moments for them to treasure forever.

In fact Rachel enjoys being around people so much that she also created a market where herself and other work at home mums can come and show off their talents and where families can come and enjoy a day full of fun, entertainment and shopping. Rachel's market is called Market Moo, and is held in Golden Grove, SA once a month.

Not only does Rachel do photography from home but she has also included her graphic design work into her new home business desiging many logos and artwork over the years and setting up facebook pages for other work at home parents. While also offering priniting services so that other business's can get their flyers, business cards and much more created at a great price and with great friendly service.
 Another unique product Rachel offers is her personalised Magazine Covers, these can be found on her website (click here ) and facebook page (click here ). Rachel takes an example of a magazine cover and bases it on your theme - ie. Special Occasions such as Anniversaries, Milestone Birthdays, the list is endless!

I would like to thank Rachel for taking part in our first market for 2012 and sharing her gorgeous images with us. I would also like to wish her all the best for the year and I know I will see much more more of her as the year goes on. 

If you would like to find out more about Rachel Marie Photography & Design or you would like to grab a quote on her beautiful work you can get hold of her at: