Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cute Clipz Etc!

This week I get to introduce to you one of lovely stall-holders who joined us on July 1st at Once Upon A Market. I couldn't resist buying a few gorgeous items from Cute Clipz etc on the day so I am extremely excited to be able to share this wonderful business with you all :D 

Cute Clipz etc is run by the lovely Luisa Eckermann a married stay at home mum to a gorgeous 17 month old little boy!! Although Luisa has a little boy that doesn't stop her from making some absolutely gorgeous pretty items for all the girls out there. And thank goodness for that because without Luisa I wouldn't have looked as good as I did at my family do without my Cute Clipz etc headband :D 

 When I asked Luisa why she started Cute Clipz back in October 2011 she replied:

"Making hair accessories was a small hobby of mine that I did late at night. I found it relaxing and it helped me unwind from my busy day! I began in October 2011 and really enjoyed doing it! When friends and family members came over and would look at what I had done, they all encouraged me to sell...but I wasn't so sure. Then a few of them started putting orders in and recommending me to their friends, and slowly I started getting quite busy! I was then encouraged to make up a facebook page, and then the likers started rolling in, as well as more orders from online. I was getting more and more excited about my hobby which was slowly starting to turn into a little business! I then attempted a small market and a few fundraising evenings. These were all a great success for me! So slowly but surely I am doing more markets and other events too."

And we are so lucky here in Adelaide to be able to have the chance to visit Luisa and Cute Clipz etc at our local markets!! We hope that Luisa keeps up the great work :D

At Cute Clipz etc. you will find gorgeous handmade hair accessories for girls and women of all ages. Including headbands, hair ties, large bows, alligator clips, bobby pins and snap clips!! Everything you need to make that outfit extra special!! 

All Cute Clipz etc items can be custom made to suit your needs or you can pick from their extensive range! How easy is that? 

You can get gorgeous hair accessories for formal and special occassions, school wear, everyday wear or just for fun!! All of Luisa's accessories are made with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that her final products are of the highest quality. 
(please remember that all children under 3 need to be supervised whilst wearing hair accessories as some may include small parts).

 While I was finding out a little bit more about Luisa and Cute Clipz etc. I got to find out what markets Luisa loves to attend as a shopper and a stall-holder:

"I love going to Once Upon A Market, Lollipop market and Fullarton Market for my handmade items, and for fresh produce I go to the Adelaide Hills Farmers Markets which are a gorgeous little market! As I am relatively new on the market scene, my favourite ones so far have been Once Upon A Market and the St Peter's Fair."
 If you would like to find out more about Cute Clipz etc or if you would like to purchase an item or make a custom order, you can find them on Facebook at:


you can also contact Luisa via email at:

So for all your hair accessories for the young and young at heart head over to Cute Clipz etc and don't forget to look out for her at local markets around Adelaide so you can meet Luisa in person and take a look at her outstanding products!! 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

June Newsletter!

 Well things are getting super exciting here this month at Once Upon A Market headquarters! In the last few weeks we have had a major announcement as Once Upon A Market has decided to expand down south!

Everybody is extremely excited and my email has been filling up with interest for both venues! How exciting for not only me but also to those who wanted to come and shop at the market but lived to far away :D

Our Southern market will be held at the Reynella Neighbourhood Centre at 170 Old SOuth Road, Old Reynella.
Reynella Neighbourhood Centre

 Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of HUGE markets so once again Reynella will be a relatively small and cosy market where we can have the community feel again and all get to know each other and our regular customers! Which is what having a market is all about!

Reynella Flyers
Although our two markets will be generally run in the exact same way I just couldn't resist having a few little differences just to give them their own identity and specialness :P 
The Once Upon A Market facebook page will be used to run both markets like normal and you will find all the info for both markets there and on this blog!! 

You will still see the Orange flyers making their way up north and the Orange theme will remain with Littlehampton but as the weeks go on you will see a new theme for Reynella which will be a new Purple colour (as above). This colour will be seen more and more down south. 

The easiest way to explain how Once Upon A Market is run is that Once Upon A Market is now going to be held every month but each month will be in alternative venues eg. July will be at Reynella, August at Littlehampton, September at Reynella and so on! 

The biggest reason for this expansion is that now we can have different range of stall holders and also a different range of customers at each market! This makes it even better for everyone involved with Once Upon A Market! with extra advertising opportunities! 

Littlehampton Flyers
With only 3 and a half weeks to go until our first Reynella market things are getting incredibly busy here at headquarters! Tomorrow I will be going through applications and choosing our stall-holders!! Which is incredibly exciting as we have soooo many to choose room and such a huge variety!! Keep an eye out on the page this weekend to see who will be accepted.
 But we can't forget about Littlehampton! where this all began! Our next Littlehampton market will be on August 4th and I will be announcing the August stall-holders on Saturday 16th June! and again I have a tough job ahead of me choosing stall-holders from my amazing list of talented people! eeek! 

Last weekend we had a lovely day at our market but I will leave that for another day.........Keep an eye out for the next blog where I will share with you what happened on June 2nd!

June 2nd - Littlehampton