Friday, 27 January 2012

Not Long Now......

Well here we are........8 sleeps to go before the big day and the excitement is building!! 

Now I did a lot of thinking about this blog. It took me a while to think about what my stall-holders and customers would benefit from reading and I have decided that since this is our Grand Opening for Once Upon A Market I will use this weeks blog to go over some helpful Market tips for all our fresh stall-holders and also for the stall-holders who have being this for a while.......It is always good to have a refresher course hehe! 

Now being a stall-holder myself for a year some of these tips are just ones that I have discovered myself and some I have found through other websites, blogs and through market buddies. 

I can't wait to see you all in 8 sleeps time....

Have a read and Enjoy:

Market Hints and Tips 

1 ~ Business Cards ~ never forget them! When customers come to look at your products not all of them will want to purchase on the day some will just be browsing! But before someone walks away ask them if they would like a business card and let them know all the services you offer (online store, postage, custom made etc). Also whenever somebody purchases an item slip a business card with their item for future reference or to give that friend or family member that is dying to get a similar never know!

2 ~ Get to know your neighbours ~ On market day and online start talking with other stall-holders! It is a great way to get hints and tips from those who have been selling longer than you. And it is always great to talk to the newbie and help them out :D And we all know that once us girls start talking we just can't stop! It is like free advertising as word of mouth spreads around......latest products, future markets, new ways of advertising! you name it us crafty people talk about it!!! 

3 ~ Advertising near and far ~ Ok so we all know that advertising is my job!!! But the best way to get as many customers as possible is for you guys to spread the word! trust me it helps alot because there is only so far my posters, banners and flyers will go! but once every starts talking and the hype gets going word spreads the local video store, the local shops, your workplace, your gym and don't forget your facebook likers! these guys can spread word faster than anyone! and it is the biggest social networking site!! invite them to the event or just mention it on your wall easy peasy advertising......the more we talk the further the word gets about the new market in Littlehampton!! and then in come the crowds :D

4 ~ Presentation ~ Good presentation is essential and really catches the customers eye! So get those tablecloths ironed ladies and make sure your table represents you and your stall! signage is a great way to let people know where you are and also to keep your stall fresh in peoples minds! A banner is a great way to do this! (but be careful because some places won't let you blutack it to the walls etc so sometimes it will need to be pinned to your tablecloth). Try some practice displays at home on the kitchen bench and get creative! (take a photo so you can remember how things went on the day) simplicity is the key! don't overcrowd your table! 

5 ~ Essential Box ~ Always make sure that on the day you bring a box or bag full of essentil items which include:
~ panadol
~ pen and notebook (for orders, notes, what customers like the most etc)
~ bottle of water
~ snacks 
~ safety pins
~ baby wipes and hand sanitiser 
~ scissors (trust me you never know when you need them) 

6 ~ You're never fully dressed without a smile ~ The big day has arrived! so put on that smile :D Always look interested and never sit and read a book or do a crossword......nobody wants to head over and talk to somebody who looks like they don't care what is going on around them! A chair is good to have but don't use it unless you really have to! stand up straight acknowledge all of the customers with a smile. Sometimes just a quick hello at a passer by could bring them over for a sale! Try and talk to everyone. Some customers just want to say hello and browse others will want to have a big just be friendly! but try not to watch their every move this can make them feel uncomfortable.....

7 ~ Pricing ~ pricing your items can be simple as just a Price List sign or you can price items individually or you could use small price stands that can highlight a whole section ofyour stall. Either way pricing is important. SOmetimes a customer will walk away because they are too embarassed to ask for the price.......

8 ~  Avoid Clutter ~ To help the whole market look presentable keep all of your clutter (boxes, trolleys, rubbish) underneath your table - this is the brilliant part of tablecloths! you can hide everything :) trolleys can be placed neatly behind your stall! the less clutter the better! 

9 ~ Have Fun ~ Most of all have some fun! If you can take a look around to see what else is around and to meet some new friends! Overall a market is a great community event and being social is the key to enjoying it! And remember that even if all you did on the day is give out business cards that is still exposure!! and every market day is different! Never Give Up! 


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Start of a Fairytale!

Hello and welcome!

To the Once Upon A Market Blog....
It has been a very exciting week for me as all the new plans were set into motion and I really can't wait to get busy organising for a truly magical market! 

This week was rather hush hush as plans were put into motion with my lovely friend and original co-ordinator Annie. Those that know me know that it is very hard for me to keep a secret that involves so much excitement so I spent most of my week jumping up and down with anxiety. But now everything is out and it is time to get everything in motion :D 

Before I get too involved in this Blog I would like to say a few words about my lovely new friend Annie. This market wouldn't be going anywhere if it wasn't for Annie's devotion and dedication! she brought this market to life and I will always be grateful to her for not only giving me this wonderful opportunity to work with you all but also for spending hours and hours everyday just to help me get where I need to be. Annie is an amazing woman and I am truly looking forward to working with her throughout the year on our two markets.
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart Miss Annie! 

I have started this Blog in the hope of it turning into an online newsletter for everyone involved in the market from stall-holders, to customers and just the general public.......I think it is a great way to share all the important news and also to:

~ share each others success stories
~ share hints and tips
~ promote small businesses
~ have give-aways and promotions 
and much much more..........

If there is anyone who would like to share a story or include something feel free to email me at: 
for more information! 

I am looking forward to working with you all and producing the best market I possibly can. A market that is full of fun, laughter and good food :D 

But for this to be the best market it requires a TEAM effort! and I know that this team will be one that sticks together like a family and provides a wonderful community event that will always be remembered! 

Bring on 2012 

Liane xxxx