Thursday, 7 June 2012

June Newsletter!

 Well things are getting super exciting here this month at Once Upon A Market headquarters! In the last few weeks we have had a major announcement as Once Upon A Market has decided to expand down south!

Everybody is extremely excited and my email has been filling up with interest for both venues! How exciting for not only me but also to those who wanted to come and shop at the market but lived to far away :D

Our Southern market will be held at the Reynella Neighbourhood Centre at 170 Old SOuth Road, Old Reynella.
Reynella Neighbourhood Centre

 Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of HUGE markets so once again Reynella will be a relatively small and cosy market where we can have the community feel again and all get to know each other and our regular customers! Which is what having a market is all about!

Reynella Flyers
Although our two markets will be generally run in the exact same way I just couldn't resist having a few little differences just to give them their own identity and specialness :P 
The Once Upon A Market facebook page will be used to run both markets like normal and you will find all the info for both markets there and on this blog!! 

You will still see the Orange flyers making their way up north and the Orange theme will remain with Littlehampton but as the weeks go on you will see a new theme for Reynella which will be a new Purple colour (as above). This colour will be seen more and more down south. 

The easiest way to explain how Once Upon A Market is run is that Once Upon A Market is now going to be held every month but each month will be in alternative venues eg. July will be at Reynella, August at Littlehampton, September at Reynella and so on! 

The biggest reason for this expansion is that now we can have different range of stall holders and also a different range of customers at each market! This makes it even better for everyone involved with Once Upon A Market! with extra advertising opportunities! 

Littlehampton Flyers
With only 3 and a half weeks to go until our first Reynella market things are getting incredibly busy here at headquarters! Tomorrow I will be going through applications and choosing our stall-holders!! Which is incredibly exciting as we have soooo many to choose room and such a huge variety!! Keep an eye out on the page this weekend to see who will be accepted.
 But we can't forget about Littlehampton! where this all began! Our next Littlehampton market will be on August 4th and I will be announcing the August stall-holders on Saturday 16th June! and again I have a tough job ahead of me choosing stall-holders from my amazing list of talented people! eeek! 

Last weekend we had a lovely day at our market but I will leave that for another day.........Keep an eye out for the next blog where I will share with you what happened on June 2nd!

June 2nd - Littlehampton


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  1. Woo Hoo I am excited to be a part of this Market !!! with my unique fused glass items.

    see you there!!

    Jacqui of JoRaEl Designs