Monday, 12 November 2012

Sweet Cuddles

 This week's feature business is the wonderful and super cute Sweet Cuddles who has been a Once Upon A Market stall-holder in the past and will be joining us once again for our Christmas market celebrations on December 1st. Which we are super excited about because Sweet Cuddles has so many wonderful gift ideas......So let's take a peek at the world of Sweet Cuddles:

 The lovely lady behind Sweet Cuddles is Ally and she is a stay at home Mum with two young children Georgia, 3 and Jasmin who is just 2 months. Ally is married to her lovely husband Chris. 

 Ally loves craft, cooking and creating new things. After working in the hospitality industry for 12 years and always being busy Ally found that while staying home with her kids she needed something to keep her brain not just on kid mode
 and Sweet Cuddles seems to provide just what she needed :D

 Sweet Cuddles came about just over a year ago when some of Ally's girlfriends were starting to have families and she wanted to make something for their little ones to treasure. This is when she started making her gorgeous socks monkeys. Following from this she then created the Travel Packs as her and her husband would go out for dinner &  would be forever trying to find the pencils, pad & stickers they had packed to keep their daughter occupied.

 After creating these two fantastic products Sweet Cuddles began to grow with even more products as Ally fell in love with using her sewing machine and creating lovable products.

When we asked Ally what her favourite thing to shop for at markets was she replied:
 "I really enjoy attending markets and selling my products and am a sucker for anything sweet, especially the dangerously sweet but ever so tasty macaron. I also love purchasing clothes for my girls as they are always so cute & you know that they havn't been mass produced"

I think I have to agree with Ally on this one. I always love to have a tasty macaron at a market :D 
If you would like to see more of Sweet Cuddles products or you would like to place an order with Ally you can contact her through:


Or you can visit us at Once Upon A Market on the 1st December to see Ally and her gorgeous Sweet Cuddles products for yourself and grab some gifts for your loved ones this Christmas!!

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