Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Once Upon A Market Newsletter!!

The countdown is on!! 

Only 24 days to go until our Easter Market!! 

The word is spreading so fast about Once Upon A Market and I couldn't be happier! It is so amazing to have so many of you supporting the market. It is because of the support from stall-holders, customers, friends and family that Once Upon A Market is able to grow!! so thankyou.

Now lets get onto some news........


I have been busy busy busy trying to get the word out and so far so good! I have been out to Littlehampton and Mount Barker and was able to distribute 600 flyers to local homes! This has already made a huge impact! Some flyers were placed in the main shopping centre community board and I will be heading down again this week to get some news of the market into school newsletters and child care centres. 

I will also be putting an ad in the local newspaper's 'what's on' column which I believe will be a great help in getting people to come out for a visit. I will be doing this the week before the market!! 

My lovely stall-holders have been absolutely great in giving out some flyers as well which has been ever so helpful!! and I can't forget some lovely markets around Adelaide who have been more than accomodating with spreading the word around as well as handing out flyers to some of their customers including Market Moo and Blackwood Craft Market. I believe all of us markets need to stick together and help each other out! I am honestly a big fan of sharing the love and there is certainly room for everyone :D 


The activities for Once Upon A Market are starting to be formed!! I will be having a kids colouring table with 3 different easter pics to choose from and pencils, textas and crayons to colour with!! I am also trying to organise some crafty bits and pieces to entertain the kids even more but this is just a work in progress at the moment!

We have the lovely Fairytail FX face-painting who will be doing face-painting, henna tattoos and glitter tattoos!!! at great prices so exciting! and always popular with the customers!!

I am also on the look out for some small entertainment maybe an acoustic perfomer etc but this is not confirmed yet i'm just looking and it is another work in progress so if anybody knows of anybody who would like to perform at the market please let me know!

Welcome Packs  

By now you should have all received your Welcome Packs which I created to assist you with stall set-up on the day and also some extra information on the market. I hope that you all found these packs to be helpful! I included a small bundle of flyers that you can all distribute to family and friends and your local areas. I'm really impressed with the flyers and they are certainly eye catching with their bright orange colour!!


Once Upon A Market has been designed to be a market that can be enjoyed by the whole family which is why I try very hard to go through all the applications from stall-holders to provide a variety of different stalls. This is why you will find as you stroll Once Upon A Market that there are items suited for just about everyone with herbal wraps, jewellery, baby products, hair accessories, kids toys, photography, pet items and much much more!! 

And remember that I am always on the lookout for different stalls so if you make or know someone who makes something different and unique get in touch with me via email!! I am especially on the lookout for boys and men items!! 

Well that's it for news items this week! I will be back in touch with more updated news in the near future as we count down the days to the Once Upon A Market - Easter Market!! 
Can't wait to see you all there! 

Liane xx 

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