Thursday, 8 March 2012


 Today I am proud to present another one of our talented stall-holders from our February 4th Market! 

The lovely YellowBird!

Everything at YellowBird is made by the lovely Lynley Slater.
Lynley is married to the wonderful Russell and they have 3 beautiful children. Lynley has always loved sewing and spent much of her children's early years trying to find a pathway into design and like many of us jsut couldn't find enough hours in the day.

YellowBird Clutch Purse
But lucky for us, Lynley 'accidentally' started YellowBird many years later after her 22 year old daughter asked her to make a purse and that was it! Lynley spent twelve months of experimenting with different fabrics and materials in her sewing room and the YellowBird Cluth Purse evolved into what it is today!!

Venetian Hobo Bag
The name YellowBird, Lynley also got from her daughter. A name that her daughter links to herself and also a name that reminds Lynley of her. Lynley says of her  daughter "When I think of a small yellow bird I am reminded of her energy, vibrancy and excited chatter when she is happy or excited about something. The way she can see things through new fresh eyes seeing something from a whole new perspective, quite different from most others. She can also startle easily when surprised or confronted and becomes quite vulnerable at times. Like the young yellow bird, she dreams to fly and in time she will." 

Well honestly what better way to name your business? And with a daughter like that for inspiration no wonder the lovely Lynley has so much talent!! especially when her daughter is just a quarter of her inspiration!!

Apart from Lynley Clutch Purses you will also see her other clever product not too far behind! Her gorgeous Venetian Hobo bags! I just can not decide which product I love more......

All of YellowBirds Clutch Purses and Hobo Bags are designed and handmade with recycled, reclaimed, vintage and designer fabrics. All are vegan-friendly as Lynley's daughter is vegan so Lynley tries to avoid wool but has started to work with recycled or vintage silk. Lynley says that she respects her daughters choices and tries to stay true to the YellowBird brand. 

Another great discovery I made while getting to know Lynley is her love of buying handmade items!! Lynley knows how hard it is to compete in the handmade market against mass produced items and would rather know that when she buys something someone's heart and soul has gone into designing and making each product. And I also got to find out what Lynley's top 5 things to buy handmade are:

"1. I love hand printed fabrics and having tried it myself I know how hard it is to achieve that right look with no blurred lines! 
2. I love handprinted T's, they are always so cool and individual. 
3. Wooden beads and necklaces. They each have a uniqueness about them. 
4. Handmade buttons I use for some of my Clutch Purses and Hobos, again they are unique in colour and marking and so earthy.
5. Clothing for my 3 year old again because I love going outside of the main stream!
There is so much more but I am only allowed to pick 5!!!!"

To find out more about Lynley and YellowBird you can check out her facebook page and follow along on her blog OR you can contact her via email:


So what are you waiting for..........


  1. I bought one of Lynley's gorgeous purses for my sister. It was beautifully made and my sister loved it! :-)

  2. Thank you Liane for your blog. I always get teary when I read about my daughter, my YellowBird, she lives in Melbourne and I miss her.

    Thank you RAdelaide Rover for your kind words. I'm so glad your sister likes her clutch x