Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cuddly Bear Blankets

Our feature business today is absolutely perfect for this weather we have been in having in Adelaide recently. 

Cuddly Bear Blankets is one of Once Upon A Market's regular stall-holders and I am so happy to be able to introduce this lovely business to you and the wonderful lady who created Cuddly Bear Blankets, Miss Clare Vaninetti. 

Clare is a local hills girl who has been married for 4 years and is the mummy to two gorgeous children, Bella aged 2 and Jack aged 1. 

 Cuddly Bear Blankets was started in 2011 just after Clare's son Jack was born. Clare's Mum was an avid knitter and whilst visiting from the U.K to help with Jack, taught Clare how to knit.

This is how Clare started with her famous 'bobble blankets'.

Clare's 'bobble' blankets have been a huge hit! and are her main business. With the gorgeous colours and patterns they make a great accessory to any nursery and are super warm and 'cuddly' with their great soft texture.

I myself purchased my own 'Cuddly Bear Blanket' a few weeks ago. Clare created one just a bit bigger so that I could have my very own couch cuddle blanket :D

But blankets are not all you will find at Cuddly Bear Blankets! The range has now grown to sock bunnies, giraffes, elephants and more!!

 Clare also enjoys shopping handmade just like the rest of us and her favourite things to buy from markets and online are:

             ~ hair clips/bands for her daughter
             ~ baby clothes
             ~ wooden toys for her son
             ~ room decorations (canvas's etc)
             ~ candles

If you would like to check out more of Cuddly Bear Blankets items or you would like to get in touch with Clare to place an order you can find her on Facebook at:


You can also email her at:

And don't forget to come down this Saturday 2nd June and you will find Clare at her Cuddly Bear Blankets stall......at Once Upon A Markets Winter Market......perfect timing to grab some snuggly blankets for your little one........or even a bigger one for yourself :P

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