Monday, 27 February 2012

3 Angel Crafts

 On the 7th April we had a lovely stall join us at our first market!. A stall that was one of our brightest and projected a great sense of fun! This stall was the lovely, 3 Angel Crafts! 

The woman behind the stall was mother of 3, Beverly Baybrook. And she certainly fits in with her stalls bright and fun image!! Beverly works long hours in her day job and wants to expand her handmade  business so that she can spend more quality time with her children. Like all of us mothers she just wants to be home at the end of the school day and be able to provide her kids with the best opportunities in life. 

7 years ago Beverly started a handmade business called 'Angels and More' where she created items and went to local markets. But eventually she stopped and continued on with life and work. Then in 2011 Beverly decided to continue on with her business again deciding to put more time and effort into being a successful work at home mum. Beverly reinvented her business giving it the new name '3 Angel Crafts', a name she chose to represent her 3 children. Her logo also incorporates her 3 kids with 3 angels, 2 boys and 1 girl! 
Beverly loves craft and you can certainly see that in her work. Her items are cute and fun and always brings a smile to her customers. Which is one of the reasons Beverly loves her work so much, she gets to see the enjoyment in people when they buy an item. 

Beverly loves coming up with new ideas and items and is looking at expanding her business soon with some other items that are not handmade by her but still great items that she knows kids will love.   

Another thing Beverly loves about her home business is the markets that she gets to attend. 

 Beverly loves meeting new people at the markets. She gets to meet Stall-holders, customers and she loves to watch the stall-holders succeed. When she attends the markets Beverly is able to bring along her gorgeous 11 year old daughter (who I can personally say is a bundle of fun just like her mum) who helps her mum on the day including emptying her wallet buying lots of cupcakes......This is what we all love about the market scene. We can all work hard and have our children next to us bonding with them and also teaching them business skills and social skills all at the same time.

Beverly also loves getting to know the Market Co-Ordinators (yep I loved putting this part in hehe). She loves the effort they go to to promote small home businesses like herself.

It is my pleasure to announce that Beverly will be bringing '3 Angel Crafts' to 'Once Upon A Market' again on the 7th April 2012.

If you would like to see more of 3 Angel Crafts you can visit Beverly's facebook page:

Or to make an order or contact Beverly you can email her:

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