Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wrapped In Health - It Works

Wrapped In Health joined us for a day of fun at the first Once Upon A Market and boy did they have some fantastic products to share with us!! 

Alli Parker-Mcphee is the woman behind Wrapped In Health. Alli is the mother of a gorgeous 3 and a half year old little girl and loves helping people to look and feel good which comes in handy with her other careers as Registered Nurse and Beauty Therapist! WOW! now here we have one talented lady!! 

And not only does Alli enjoy all things beauty related including hair make-up and clothes but her other hobbies include horses, gardening and reading!! 

But hard-working Alli found yet another way to assist people and help them feel and look good.

Through her friend Emma, of Herbal Wraps Adelaide, Alli was introduced to the amazing 'It Works' products. After using them herself to see how they worked Alli was so impressed with them and the business opportunities involved that she decided to join the team and share the products with others.

Alli signed up in December 2011 and has been so impressed with the changes that the products have made to herself and her customers in such a few short months. Now she is so excited to continue her business and share her knowledge and products with all of you!

 Now you know a bit about the woman behind Wrapped In Health, lets have a look at what the products actually are:

Wrapped in Health is a business aimed at improving health and well-being from the inside out.
With the use of Ultimate Body Applicators, Defining Gel, Supplements (including a brand new product -  ProFIT meal replacement) or Skin Care range (individualized as per clients needs) Alli helps clients to look and feel their best, gaining them confidence, and helping them lose cm's too! 
The Ultimate Body Applicators work to detoxify, tighten and tone any area of the body, and most will see results in just 45 mins! Real People, Real Results.

Alli offers all the products through Private Consultations via email, phone or in person. But that's not all!!
 Alli also offers her range of products through Wrap and Lose Parties, Facebook, and at Markets and Expos. So no matter what your situation or time commitments Wrapped in Health can be brought to YOU!!
All Wrapped In Health products are exclusive, botanically based products not available in retail stores. 
Alli also has great Loyal Customer discounts (up to 40 - 50% off) and Hostess Rewards for Wrap and Lose Parties as well as referrals. 
There are also great opportunities for you to join Alli's team too!!! Being part of the team means you can help spread the word about the great products while:

~ Earning great money from home
~ Having flexible working hours
~ and Getting lots of support along the way! 

Now like all of us who love markets Alli is also a fan of handmade items! I asked Alli to let me in on her favourite handmade items to buy!! and her answers were fantastic with:

1. anything edible and sweet - ie cupcakes, choccy's, biccies
2. jewellery
3. greeting cards
4. padded coathangers
and 5. hand painted pots for the garden
I think a lot of us would be able to agree with these answers.......especially anything edible and sweet! hehe :D 

 If you would like to get try these products for yourself or become part of Alli's team you can contact Alli via email or check out her website and facebook page!

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