Sunday, 26 February 2012

The excitement begins again!

 Well the last week has been a very exciting one!! as the next Once Upon A Market starts to begin!! I received our newly designed flyers on my doorstep a few days ago and they are ready to be distributed by myself and a very helpful mother :D

We will be heading out to LittleHampton and Mount Barker to start distributing our bright flyers to local shops, schools, child care centres and much more!!

I have a box full of posters in my car to start putting up! and banners are ready to go (once I get some more council approvals). I have had lots of lovely helpers along the way who have been happy to help distribute flyers and spread the word! Which I am ever so grateful for :) We all have to work together to get this market to its fullest potential!

Another exciting event that happened this week was the announcement of the first batch of my lovely Stall-holders!! Which means this approval stamp is now working its way through businesses on facebook :D how exciting!!!!

I am loving seeing orange being stamped everywhere and being shared!! 

We have lots of new stall-holders and some from last time which I am so happy about! and the variety of stalls is what is really getting me excited, there is definitely something for everyone. And the talent of these stall-holders is amazing :D 

Our next market will be Easter themed (as it falls on the Easter weekend) which means extra fun and lots of chocolate!!! 

We will be having FREE Easter Eggs for the children and FREE Easter crafts!! And once again I will be having a themed display table in our main entrance which will showcase some of our stall-holders easter gifts, giving our customer an example of what can be bought inside the hall!! 

Every day I am just getting more and more excited! 

Still lots of work to be done and organising to finish but I just can't wait for the big day to arrive! 

I hope you are all as excited as me :D So don't forget to spread the word and lets make this gorgeous community market into a market that people will talk about for years!!!! 

Liane xx 

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