Sunday, 12 February 2012

All For One and One For All!

Being a stall-holder as well as a recent Market Co-ordinator I have come to the conclusion that markets need to be about being part of a team! and that is exactly what I want Once Upon A Market to become....

I have been to MANY markets since starting up my handmade gift business and it has become apparent in my eyes that the best markets are not the fanciest or the biggest but the ones that are full of community spirit and friendship!


Isn't that what this is all about??
My market is for the handmade community and work at home people to gather together for a day of sharing what they are so talented at! the beautiful and clever creations of so many wonderful people all in one place to laugh and have fun! 
Of course at the end of the day we are all business people and we all want to sell our wares and get ahead! which is why I work all day to get those flyers out to the public and to advertise as much as I can! But as a team we must all work together to create the best market we can think of. 

It was never my intention to have a big show off market but to have the market that people love! A market for everybody from 0 - over 100's :D Something that everybody can come out and enjoy, socialise and buy brilliant handmade goodies! 

I hope that through hard work and smiles we can all work together to have a wonderful community market that will go on for years to come! So far so good :D with our first market being a beautiful community event! now we need to share that spirit and make our community even bigger and more fun!! 

I am SO looking forward to our next market and I hope you are all looking forward to it too.

Liane xx

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