Monday, 6 February 2012

The First of Many......February 4th 2012

It was 5am on February 4th, 

The alarm was emitting its usual annoying sound of church bells (one day I will get around to changing that) and our normally cute kitty was emitting an annoying cry at my head. It seemed like a normal typical morning except that it seemed too early for my alarm to go off that early. Which made me think, why am I up this early? 

and then it hit:


All of a sudden things got busy as we rushed around the house getting coffees, ironing shirts, packing bits and pieces and loading the car for the drive to the beautiful Littlehampton! 

We swung by my mother's house to pick up some very grumpy helpers (due to being woken so early) and then off we went!! Once we arrived at the Littlehampton Peace Memorial Hall I put my fiance Ross to work straight away getting the sausage sizzle up and running while us girls got organising inside.

 Annie Woodman from Beachside Event Planning & Supplies organised this gorgeous Valentines display table which showcased her gorgeous table settings and also allowed showcasing of some lovely valentines gifts available from stall-holders.

And I will be asking her ever so nicely if she can come back to our next one to set up an Easter table! fingers crossed :)
Beautiful selection of handmade purses by Yellowbird

 By 8am all of our stallholders started arriving and I was able to finally meet all of them face to face! And what an absolutely amazing and talented bunch of stall-holders they were.

There were smiles all around and people were setting up and chatting away to each other!

The gorgeous Suzi from Kooki Moon 
Once everybody was set-up it was time to grab a coffee and then we started to have our first customers! and the excitement began. Laughter could be heard all through the day and smiles were seen everywhere! 

Customers came over to say how pleased they were to see a craft market in their gorgeous town and by lunchtime I was able to take a few minutes to come and see each stall-holder and find out how their day was going and get some feedback :D 

I opened the kitchen for some much needed refreshments including sandwiches, cold drinks and snacks! and will certainly be doing that again in the future! 

Overall I think the market was a fun day for all with smiles all around despite my bad 80's music haha! 
And I hope everybody else had a lovely day.

Now it is time for me to get busy preparing for the next market day on the 7th April 2012.
which means lots of phone calls to the council to get approval for more signage and a bouncy castle!! and lots and lots of flyers and other signage to order! 

So if you missed our first market I highly recommend that you come along to our second so you don't miss out on a fun-filled day out! 

I would like to thank ALL who participated in the market day and made it that extra bit special. If wasn't for all of the stall-holders, helpers and my lovely friend Annie this market wouldn't have been a success and the day wouldn't have been as fun and exciting. 


Liane xx 

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